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Mediterranean cuisine doesn't just taste as good as it sounds, but it is also healthy and there are a huge variety of dishes available.

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What Is Mediterranean Cuisine?

Mediterranean cuisine is basically what it sounds like - the food of the countries that border the Mediterranean sea. That includes not just the more popular dishes of France and Italy, but also the cuisine of such countries as Egypt, Algeria and Turkey. Recipes from the Mediterranean have become increasingly popular in the UK, as has the Mediterranean diet, and it's easy to find a Restaurant in Glasgow or other major cities offering this type of cuisine. The region's weather and geography have helped to influence the cuisine of the Mediterranean over the centuries, and meals tend to rely heavily on fresh vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms and onions, all prepared in a variety of ways. Seafood features often, and spices or olive oil are also common.

Health Benefits

Because there is little red meat or dairy products in most Mediterranean dishes, a Mediterranean diet can help to lower your weight by increasing metabolism, and can help keep cholesterol levels low. The ingredients in many Mediterranean dishes can also help to keep your skin looking healthy, and lower the chances of developing a range of conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, depression and Parkinson's disease. And the olive oil that is used in so many dishes from the Mediterranean is rich in oleic acid which is good for the overall health of the heart and recommended for anyone fighting high cholesterol. In fact, all in all, Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the healthiest types of eating there is, and it isn't necessary to follow a strict diet to enjoy the health benefits.

Taste and Variety

Despite the lack of meat in Mediterranean cuisine, the variety of vegetables used means that dishes can be tasty, varied and colourful. Although salt is used sparingly, flavour is added to many dishes by the use of a variety of herbs and spices, especially in African and Middle Eastern countries. Garlic, rosemary, basil, saffron, mint and fennel all help to give many dishes their delicious flavours. The typical routine for those who live in the Mediterranean region also includes freshly caught seafood or fish a couple of times a week, along with steak or other red meat once a week. And dairy products aren't excluded altogether - yoghurt, cheese and goat's milk all feature too in some dishes.