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Traditional Pisco Sour/Fruity Pisco Sour

The traditional Chilean drink served in small glasses as an aperitif. Pisco is grape brandy- the best way to think of it is what´s left over after making wine, but before grappa. So delicious- sweet, sour, and fuerte!

1 part fresh squeezed lemon – delicious with a bit of fresh key lime mixed in
2-3 parts Pisco depending on the time of day
1 part powdered sugar
ice or water.
a few teaspoons of blueberry, pomegranete or calafate juice

Put ingredients in a blender or a shaker and mix well. Let sit for a while (2-20 minitues) for the ice to melt. This makes the drink cold and dilutes it a bit. If you are drinking it right away, it’s best to add a little icy water. It’s not meant to have ice floating in it like a frozen margaritia.