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The Ecogastronomy Initiative // Quick Bites // Sweet Memories: A Collection of Family Favorites from the Kitchens of the Hooper Ladies

The book is available at

This book is a collection of favorite recipes culled from a large stack of faded, spilled on, scribbled on spiral notebooks kept by my grandmother, Eleanor Drew Hooper, and my mom, Ann Hooper Muncaster. Both have passed away now— Grammy so long ago I can barely remember her warm embrace; my mom so recently I can still think it might be her when the phone rings.

I miss them. I don’t want to forget.

Sure, I have photos and memorabilia, but I’ve found that recreating their recipes—even just reading their writing and imagining who they were cooking for—is the very best way to feel their spirit in my home.

And, of course, the sweet memories are the best.

For me the inspiration and pleasure of putting together this book came from reading the handwriting and notes. For a beginning cook (or someone with bad eyes) this might be a nightmare. The recipes definitely assume you’re an experienced. Please forgive my hastiness- someday when I have a free year I’ll fix it up. Enjoy!

The book is available at

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