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The Ecogastronomy Initiative // Hot Headlines // Will Walmart Become the World's Largest Supplier of Organic?

An announcement that the retail giant Walmart will increase their organic offerings is great news for conciencious consumers who have been left out of the organic movement by price. Everyone deserves to have access to healthier foods and the more farms practicing organic agriculture the better, right? Is this really a good thing?

Remember here, the idea is to think beyond our wallet and our body. One thing we know for sure: cheap food is cheap food. It comes at a cost. The cost is the industrialization of the organic food market where the small farmer can no longer compete. Organic standards have already been threatened by giant agribusinesses lobbying congress to lighten the standards. Add to this the other controversies surrounding Walmart and it starts getting depressing.

Finding the answer isn’t easy. But your money speaks. The best thing you can do for the earth, society and your body is to buy local, seasonal foods whenever possible. You support your local community and reduce the fossil fuels used to transport goods. You can look into the eye of the person advertizing the food. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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