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The Ecogastronomy Initiative // Food for Thought // The Big Leap: Running for County Commissioner

March 9, 2012 took a big leap and filed to run for county commissioner! District 3, Teton County, representing the rural district. My platform? I believe that preservation of our heritage, quality of life, and natural resources is the key to cultivating prosperity in Teton Valley. Good paying, resilient jobs depend on the success of both of our two greatest assets- agriculture and tourism, and my top priority will be to support both of these industries. In response to the development bust that has devastated our community a diverse group of people have come together for two years to produce a comprehensive plan that outlines a path to a thriving future to hand down to our grandchildren. I am going to stand up for the values outlined in the plan and want to work hard to implement it.

My success as founder of Teton Family Magazine and Slow Food in the Tetons proves that I have a true passion for the health of our community and the ingenuity, organizational skills, and determination to turn visions into reality. Twenty-five years in the adventure travel industry as a guide and business owner has taught me what works, what doesn’t, and the importance of maintaining cultural traditions, integrity, and unique character as businesses and communities grow. My involvement with a wide variety of community groups—from volunteering in local schools and coaching volleyball to trail building to working on the historical cookbook for the Teton Valley Museum—illustrates my ability to team up with diverse factions of our community to work toward a common goal.

In this election we have a choice: to unite or divide, to move forward or move backward. Your support of my campaign by donating, volunteering, spreading the word, and voting will assure that the innovative, responsible policies of the hard working county and city planners who came before me will continue for the next four years to move us closer to the vibrant, diverse future we all envision.

Much more to come… browse my site to see what I stand for. And please send your suggestions, comments, and resource ideas my way.

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