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Food for Thought

Bringing Patagonia Home · 959 days ago

In the Chilean countryside, most food is still prepared by hand, using local, seasonal ingredients. There’s also a joke that Chile’s four major food groups are fat, sugar, salt, and alcohol. Our menu reflected these truisms, but what made the evening special was that even the youngest kids helped prepare the food. Guests came dressed in whatever South American outfit they happened to have, and one couple even surprised us by dancing the tango (actually an Argentine folk dance, but close enough!)

You'll Want to Brake for This! · 28 February 14

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read, “Where’s the best burger in Jackson Hole? The Brakeman American Grill in Victor, Idaho.” After sinking my chops into this beauty, I have to agree.

Cream of the Crop: Farmer's Market Favorites · 16 November 13

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to make the most out of shopping at the farmer’s market. In fact, the simpler the recipe, the better. Selecting thrifty, choice ingredients requires flexibility. And a repertoire of recipes ensures garden-fresh flavor, making even the most obscure fruits and veggies shine.

Stinging Nettle Soup @ Snowdrift Farm · 22 June 13

If you have ever walked off a trail in the Tetons while wearing shorts and suddenly felt like invisible hypodermic needles that itched like @%$# on your legs you have probably have had a run in with stinging nettles.

Confessions of a Gluttonous Entrepreneur · 17 May 13

There is nothing more inspiring to me than knowing Ty Mack climbs 5-13, seeing him fly down Teton Canyon on skate skis, and going out with him to retrieve an elk. But central to has been a paradigm change where making it in life means more than making the most money or having the most stuff. .

SUEMUNCASTER.COM now up and running · 15 June 12

My new website,, is up and running. This site supports my campaign for Teton County Commissioner. Until the election in November, the bulk of my work will go into that site. Please visit it, or enjoy this one.

Conscientious?! · 10 May 12

An email inquiry from a local high school student asked me:

What is the importance/benefit of eating locally grown foods?
Do you think people here are conscious about imported foods and eating locally?
If so how did they become conscious? If not what can be done to inform them about the benefits?

Thank goodness he’s asking!

so… here goes…

The Big Leap: Running for County Commissioner · 10 March 12

My platform? I believe that preservation of our heritage, quality of life, and natural resources is the key to cultivating prosperity in Teton Valley.

The Elusive Hunt · 15 December 11

“It’s about good, clean, fair food; not necessarily organic, but good for your body, good for people who grow it, and involves lots of protection of farmers around the world and small-scale food production,” she said. Muncaster became interested in the slow foods movement eight years ago while researching ideas for a cookbook based on local and sustainable foods. While Muncaster said that Teton Valley has a great local food scene, the price of local beef and pork is often more than her family can afford. With sustainability and the health of her family in mind, she looked to the forests and foothills of the Tetons as a way to fill the freezer, and also as a way to participate in an age-old tradition.

Friends of Fungus guest blog from Tye Tilt- Mountain Valley Mushrooms · 4 October 11

When you open the door to the grow room you are greeted with the message “There’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.” Scotty and I have a solid desire to rebuild and a fluid plan to do it. This time around we are committed to designing and conducting a business that will increase production, reduce unit costs, and hopefully find that elusive sweet spot where food is local and fresh but with enough volume enough to make the venture economically viable and sustainable.

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