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Category: Virtuous Globalization

Confessions of a Gluttonous Entrepreneur · 16 May 13

There is nothing more inspiring to me than knowing Ty Mack climbs 5-13, seeing him fly down Teton Canyon on skate skis, and going out with him to retrieve an elk. But central to has been a paradigm change where making it in life means more than making the most money or having the most stuff. .

SUEMUNCASTER.COM now up and running · 14 June 12

My new website,, is up and running. This site supports my campaign for Teton County Commissioner. Until the election in November, the bulk of my work will go into that site. Please visit it, or enjoy this one.

Conscientious?! · 9 May 12

An email inquiry from a local high school student asked me:

What is the importance/benefit of eating locally grown foods?
Do you think people here are conscious about imported foods and eating locally?
If so how did they become conscious? If not what can be done to inform them about the benefits?

Thank goodness he’s asking!

so… here goes…

Mariela's Responses to Mrs. Smith's 3rd Grade · 26 September 10

Dallin says we have pet frogs from River…
There are lizards, grapevines and olive trees EVERYWHERE!

Travels with the Poohs # 1: Is Less is More; or is More More, More-or-Less?? · 7 September 10

We’ve been trying to nail down a theme for our blog series and “Search for Simplicity” or “Living with Less” have comes to my idealistic mind, but really, we are looking for something else. A different way… Diversity? Diversity in food, art, culture, scenery, experiences…I’m like Dolly, I want more out of life for myself and my kids- more flavor, more to learn, more passion, more time to enjoy my family.

Muncaster Chosen as Delegate (and I have a Press Pass) for Terra Madre 2010 · 7 July 10

We’ll be eating, writing, guiding and parenting our way across Italy in preparation for Terra Madre and Salone Del Gusto 2010 in Torino. Join US!

Offical Launch of Sustainable 360 and Book Proposal · 1 February 10

My vision for Sustainable 360 is a “user-generated” collaboration between all my friends, family, playmates and workmates a from around the world who share their tips for making their lives more sustainable- environmentally, economically, physically, and spiritually. Join us today.

Lights Off Radio Interview with Sue Muncaster · 31 January 10

Muncaster discusses Ecogastronomy, the Slow Food, and Community and Family.

Ethicurian · 3 January 10

On the lines of Ecogastronomy here’s a new word for you:
eth•i•cu•re•an: noun : also adj
Someone who seeks out tasty things that are also sustainable, organic, local, and/or ethical — SOLE food, for short.

New Year’s Roasted Seafood Cioppino · 1 January 10

It’s not often we buy seafood in Colorado but when we do we do it big.

Marketing Opportunities for Local Producers · 29 March 09

Although the economy has been in dire straits, all indications are that people are, more than ever, into spending their money on local products and are not skimping on quality.

Teton Family: Promoting a Healthy and Sustainable Community · 14 January 09

What? Start a new magazine in this economy? Are we nuts?

We hope not. We believe that promoting healthy and sustainable local living is the only hope for weathering the economic, environmental, and social storms facing our nation. Where do we go when the going gets tough? We return to family, to our community, and we reconnect with nature.

Fresh Baked: How to Showcase Your Talents at the Farmer's Market · 2 September 08

The Muffin Mafia aside, showcasing your talents at your local Farmer’s Market can be both financially and spiritually rewarding.

In Pursuit of Happiness Without All the Stuff · 3 February 08

What you learn by traveling is that nowhere is perfect, but perhaps you could take the best of every place you go and incorporate it into your life. A great combination would be to possess the love for life and fun of a Latina, the freedom of an American, and the passion for children, family and spirituality of an Islamic woman.

The Plucky Ladies · 27 December 07

It was challenging running round in a blanket trying to outsmart the plucky ladies, but fortunately, like all domesticated animals, they stay in a pack and knew the way home. Thus begins another day at the Estancia Rio Verde.

Guest Blog: A Third Side to the Story · 26 January 07

When it comes to the local food discussion George borders on being an *&^hole through his distortions and oversimplifications. Why do we want local food? So we have a working landscape that can provide nourishment for our communities (not condos for rich people to vacation in).

Two Sides of the Story · 13 January 07

“Food is central to the debate on the environment, development, trade and globalization- but the potential for food choices to change the world should not be overestimated. The idea of saving the world by shopping is appealing, but tackling climate change, boosting development and reforming the global trade system will require difficult political choices.”

Revolution in the Air · 11 November 06

In the spirit of cooperation rather than competition, 4800 small-scale farmers, breeders and artisan food producers, 1000 chefs, and 400 academics, writers and policy makers from every continent worked toward a common goal of good, clean, and fair food.

Why me? · 14 October 06

I’m not a famous chef, an artisan food producer or a wine expert. I’m someone living in the middle of the American Farm crisis, I’m terrified by the obesity epidemic, I love to cook for my family and I am desperate to help save what little cultural diversity has thus far survived globalization.

Who, me? · 19 September 06

I had always been a follower. I was honored to realize I was now considered one of the leaders.

So What’s the Dilemma? · 16 June 06

The Italians love food enough they never got themselves in the mess we have. But surely we are creative enough to get ourselves out of it?

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