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Bringing Patagonia Home · 10 March 14

In the Chilean countryside, most food is still prepared by hand, using local, seasonal ingredients. There’s also a joke that Chile’s four major food groups are fat, sugar, salt, and alcohol. Our menu reflected these truisms, but what made the evening special was that even the youngest kids helped prepare the food. Guests came dressed in whatever South American outfit they happened to have, and one couple even surprised us by dancing the tango (actually an Argentine folk dance, but close enough!)

Seven Days to Think About the American Way · 11 September 11

10 years ago today I was stuck in Johannasburg, South Africa after the World Trade Towers collapse for seven days after the World Whitewater Championships on the Zambezi River. Here’s what I thought then- and now.

In Search of Slow: Slide Show this Thursday, Feb. 24 · 21 February 11

Like the Slow Food movement, Slow Travel offers an antidote to today’s fast paced commercial culture. Join Slow Food in the Tetons founder,
Sue Muncaster, and Exum Mountain Guide’s chief guide, Christian Santelices, as they share their recent quest (with kids in tow) for good food, rock climbing, culture, diversity, and life’s simple pleasures while traveling in Italy and France.

Dispatches from Terra Madre and Salone del Gusot 2010: I Giganti della Montagna or "The Big Cheeses" · 22 October 10

A fun discussion followed about the classic Italian housewife and what she might look for in a table grating cheese—please nothing less than 24 months old—it’s much too soft and sticks to the grater! I’d die for the option to be so picky.

Updates from the Ligurian Coast · 19 October 10

By Mariela
Instead of throwing candy like you do in most parades, they threw grapes. Green grapes and red grapes that they harvested from their backyards because everyone has at least one grapevine in their backyard. It’s really cool here, I really, really, really like it here.

Polpettine al Limone ala Veronica · 2 October 10

Veronica’s quote for today?
“My cooking is simple because when we make things too complicated we only make it once- it gets too tiring. And never ccok when you are tired. It won’t come out right.”

Pepperocini Sott'olio · 27 September 10

Un-phased by the bad news, we found Veronica whipping up these stuffed peppers from her garden to soak in olive oil and later serve with bread “only made at home, of course.”

Mariela's Responses to Mrs. Smith's 3rd Grade · 27 September 10

Dallin says we have pet frogs from River…
There are lizards, grapevines and olive trees EVERYWHERE!

EUROPE! · 17 September 10

By Mariela Santelices
The picture is of me and Nico (my brother). We are smiling at the table of a “pizzaria” which is an Italian pizza place. I had a delicious calzone. A calzone is a type of pizza that is pretty much a pizza wrapped up into a circle-type thing.

Travels with the Poohs # 1: Is Less is More; or is More More, More-or-Less?? · 8 September 10

We’ve been trying to nail down a theme for our blog series and “Search for Simplicity” or “Living with Less” have comes to my idealistic mind, but really, we are looking for something else. A different way… Diversity? Diversity in food, art, culture, scenery, experiences…I’m like Dolly, I want more out of life for myself and my kids- more flavor, more to learn, more passion, more time to enjoy my family.

Muncaster Chosen as Delegate (and I have a Press Pass) for Terra Madre 2010 · 8 July 10

We’ll be eating, writing, guiding and parenting our way across Italy in preparation for Terra Madre and Salone Del Gusto 2010 in Torino. Join US!

Italian Riviera, Tuscany, Torino Multi-sport Adventures (Food Being a Main Event) · 22 April 10

7 pitch limestone cliffs overhanging the Italian Riviera? Biking through hilly vineyards? Ancient cheese makers? Squashing grapes? Via Ferratas along the Ligurian Alps? Cooking School? We’re gonna do it all…

A Full Plate · 7 May 08

After six months in South America living day to day, our arrival was marred by the anxiety of being home, making lists, setting goals, making money, and what the hell were we going to do now? Did we change? Are we the same? What did we learn? Will life go back to “normal?” What is normal? Do we want normal?

The Paradox of Peace · 18 March 08

The basis of modern society is the pursuit of a faster, better way to do everything. The premise is simple; if we can find faster ways to do things, we can do more things. Now, I will never argue that water spritzers, or a self-timing underground irrigation system for that matter, are not brilliant inventions. But somehow in the process we have exceeded the speed limit.

In Pursuit of Happiness Without All the Stuff · 4 February 08

What you learn by traveling is that nowhere is perfect, but perhaps you could take the best of every place you go and incorporate it into your life. A great combination would be to possess the love for life and fun of a Latina, the freedom of an American, and the passion for children, family and spirituality of an Islamic woman.

The Plucky Ladies · 28 December 07

It was challenging running round in a blanket trying to outsmart the plucky ladies, but fortunately, like all domesticated animals, they stay in a pack and knew the way home. Thus begins another day at the Estancia Rio Verde.

Llegamos in Chile · 26 November 07

The weather, the ranch, my husband, Christian’s extended family, and the hard work oscillate between chaos and calm. We have come to Southern Patagonia to Estancia Rio Verde to slow down, simplify, to learn, to eat, and to understand our roots.

Terra Madre Blog · 23 October 06

check out the Terra Madre Blog. It already has listings from all over the world and will give you a feel from other participants.

So What’s the Dilemma? · 17 June 06

The Italians love food enough they never got themselves in the mess we have. But surely we are creative enough to get ourselves out of it?

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