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Category: Sustainable Agriculture

Cream of the Crop: Farmer's Market Favorites · 15 November 13

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to make the most out of shopping at the farmer’s market. In fact, the simpler the recipe, the better. Selecting thrifty, choice ingredients requires flexibility. And a repertoire of recipes ensures garden-fresh flavor, making even the most obscure fruits and veggies shine.

Stinging Nettle Soup @ Snowdrift Farm · 21 June 13

If you have ever walked off a trail in the Tetons while wearing shorts and suddenly felt like invisible hypodermic needles that itched like @%$# on your legs you have probably have had a run in with stinging nettles.

SUEMUNCASTER.COM now up and running · 14 June 12

My new website,, is up and running. This site supports my campaign for Teton County Commissioner. Until the election in November, the bulk of my work will go into that site. Please visit it, or enjoy this one.

The Big Leap: Running for County Commissioner · 9 March 12

My platform? I believe that preservation of our heritage, quality of life, and natural resources is the key to cultivating prosperity in Teton Valley.

The Elusive Hunt · 14 December 11

“It’s about good, clean, fair food; not necessarily organic, but good for your body, good for people who grow it, and involves lots of protection of farmers around the world and small-scale food production,” she said. Muncaster became interested in the slow foods movement eight years ago while researching ideas for a cookbook based on local and sustainable foods. While Muncaster said that Teton Valley has a great local food scene, the price of local beef and pork is often more than her family can afford. With sustainability and the health of her family in mind, she looked to the forests and foothills of the Tetons as a way to fill the freezer, and also as a way to participate in an age-old tradition.

Friends of Fungus guest blog from Tye Tilt- Mountain Valley Mushrooms · 3 October 11

When you open the door to the grow room you are greeted with the message “There’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.” Scotty and I have a solid desire to rebuild and a fluid plan to do it. This time around we are committed to designing and conducting a business that will increase production, reduce unit costs, and hopefully find that elusive sweet spot where food is local and fresh but with enough volume enough to make the venture economically viable and sustainable.

Slow Food in the Teton Executive Director Search · 6 September 11

We are seeking a part-time Executive Director (estimated 10 hours per week to start with room for growth).

Slow Food Outreach Center, Sustainability Library and Kitchen Exchange Open! · 27 June 11

The Slow Food board is a diverse group who can consult on many aspects of local food production, distribution, composting, and restaurant management. “My dream is that someone comes in the door with a dream who needs help, and we can give them some resources and advice to get their project off the ground,” says Muncaster.

A full, searchable list of resources available at the Outreach Center can be found at where the collection can be viewed or searched by tags, complete with ratings. Donations or loans to the library and kitchen exchange are welcome as long as they fit our categories.

Slow Food Revs Up · 12 May 11

Muncaster said there’s little doubt that investing in our local food system is going to mean more monetary commitment from consumers, be they restaurants, schools or families. And while only those of us drawing on trust funds can afford to buy everything local, she hopes we’ll put our dollars where our mouths and our homes are.

Local food prices could come down marginally if the region sees an increase in local farms, much as is happening on the national scene, where the number of small organic farms is growing for the first time since the 1950s. Nevertheless, a steak cut from the loin of a local, grass-fed cow who has lived her life on Mead Ranch will never cost as little as one from a heifer finished at a filthy, crowded Illinois feedlot. But it will taste better.

Food Rave: The 5th Annual Locavore’s Night Out: · 1 May 11

If we stopped today, I’d say our vision of a diverse and vibrant food community has become a reality. But we are just getting started…

Teton Food Project 4/15 Update · 14 April 11

I went to a good meeting with a new group called the Teton Valley Business Development Center and made some awesome contacts with folks there and the idea of Community Food Enterprises was very well received—in fact made the top of the list 8-fold for best idea for new businesses.

10 Fun Family Ideas for Earth Day · 11 April 11

While Earth Day is about serious matters, why not use it as an opportunity to enjoy your family and focus on fun activities too.

I Got Friends With Tractors: Hope for the Future of Teton Farms · 6 March 11

Teton Valley has experienced tumultuous economic changes. Much of this change has centered upon the bottom dropping out of the real-estate development market. How we use our land will affect generations of community members. Land is integrally linked to food and livelihoods. Our farmers are our future.

Good, Clean, and Fair: The Powerful Voice of the Weak · 23 October 10

Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food
“We are the fastest growing peaceful army in the world. The politicians don’t understand yet.”

August Slow Food in the Tetons Newsletter · 17 August 10

Join Slow Food in the Tetons for a Taste Tour through Teton Valley on August 26. Read more for other fun upcoming events and important news on Vertical Harvest, the People’s Market and School Garden Programs

Guide to Wyoming and Idaho Meat Producers · 9 August 10

Here’s your guide to Wyoming and Idaho meat producers who follow holistic management practices.

Cheese Curds, Italy, Glen Beck, and Widespread Panic. · 12 July 10

The theme is “expressed by two words, food and places, put into relation by two commonly used signs, + and =. What does this mean? It means that there could be no food without the places it comes from, food that is expression of the land, of the climate, and of human capabilities; that it is through food that each place expresses its distinctive, recognizable characteristics. Food as an edible and concrete part of our identity, as the element that shapes the landscape, as an expression of culture. Places here mean the territory that belongs to the people who were born there or live there now, that take care of their space and know it well.

Save the Date: A Locavores Night Out April 20 · 4 April 10

Locavores Night Out: A Celebration of Local Food!

When: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 5-9 pm
Where: Wildwood Room, Victor, Idaho (1/2 mile north of Victor, follow the signs)

Results of the Best Pie in the Tetons · 20 July 09

Best Overall: Ann Callison- Blueberry-Lemon Shortbread Pie
Best made with local Ingredients: Mary Mullaney- Huckleberry Rhubarb Pie
Best Savory Pie: Tye Tilt- 4 Mushroom Pie
Most Artistic: Deirdre O’Connell- Rose Petal Pie
Best Heritage: Sara Willers- Strawberrry Rhubarb Pie with lattice crust


Check out our summer newsletter to find out about our BEST PIE IN THE TETONS CONTEST, On the Farm Dinner Series, The Family Cow and More, Time For Lunch Campaign, The Tin Cup Challenge and more…

Third Annual Locavore's Night Out- Tuesday, April 21, 5-9 pm Wildwood Room · 14 April 09

This “celebration of local food” introduces local producers to consumers by providing a forum for sampling food and beverages and exchanging information.

Slow Food/Full Circle Education Sustainability Series Classes · 20 January 09

Beer Brewing, Soap Making, Soy Products from Scratch and Body Lotions…Please find below information on upcoming classes. All of them have limited space. Please email the instructor to reserve your space.

Please Sign Petition for Food Democracy Now! · 9 December 08

As Michael Pollan has indicated, our next President will also be our Farmer In Chief. President-Elect Obama got his start as a community organizer and understands that true change begins with individuals. We believe that his choice for the next Secretary of Agriculture, alongside his or her staff should reflect this understanding through their life’s work.

Fall 2008 Slow Food in the Tetons Newsletter · 22 October 08

The past few weeks have “shocked and awed” us as far as the global reach of the financial meltdown. I encourage you to consider how quickly and equally out of control a global food crisis could hit the planet due to the modern industrialized food system. Only by becoming more locally self-sufficient will we be prepared for what many experts believe is inevitable.

What exactly IS Slow Food? · 27 August 07

If I could, I would give everyone a snapshot of last week’s Harvest Garden Party. It was a joyful, cooperative, delicious, celebration of food grown and served by children attending summer camp at the Teton Valley Community School. It was what the Slow Food movement is all about.

Cultivating Kids: Harvest Garden Party · 4 August 07

I knew my 5-year old daughter “got it” when we were driving down the road in Teton Valley this spring and she shouted out the window a greeting to the fresh soil, when she had a tantrum about not being able to eat purple carrots in December, and when she recently helped me identify which weeds I needed to pull in our strawberry patch.

Just For Kids · 16 June 07

School’s out, the sun is shining, and summer is in full swing. There is no better time to teach kids a reverence for fresh, local food, how it grows, and just how good it tastes. Tips include gardening, finding farm fresh food, cooking, cheesemaking and Food Fun in Teton Valley.

Purple Carrots · 30 April 07

No one is advocating a return to the dark ages. But reviving our local food economy has the potential to unite our divided community, save our agrarian heritage, help slow global warming, and preserve the beautiful scenery we treasure.

A Locavore's Night Out- April 24 · 31 March 07

I have a dream that the Local Food Movement and the quest for good, clean, fair, food can help untie our diverse community. Reviving our local food economies has the potential to guarantee an accessible and affordable supply of healthy, fresh food from regional sources, preserve our agrarian heritage, strengthen our local economy and save our environment.

photos: Paulette Phlipot

Revolution in the Air · 11 November 06

In the spirit of cooperation rather than competition, 4800 small-scale farmers, breeders and artisan food producers, 1000 chefs, and 400 academics, writers and policy makers from every continent worked toward a common goal of good, clean, and fair food.

Terra Madre Blog · 22 October 06

check out the Terra Madre Blog. It already has listings from all over the world and will give you a feel from other participants.

Why me? · 14 October 06

I’m not a famous chef, an artisan food producer or a wine expert. I’m someone living in the middle of the American Farm crisis, I’m terrified by the obesity epidemic, I love to cook for my family and I am desperate to help save what little cultural diversity has thus far survived globalization.

Good Food for Real People · 22 August 06

Is it possible to follow a philosophy that if it doesn’t taste good, if it isn’t healthy, if it isn’t affordable, if it isn’t worth sharing, we don’t buy it? Can people trust us?

Walk the Talk- Part 2 · 30 July 06

... fully immersed in food and sustainability. Deciding which recipes to bake, which fruits to buy (and from who- the fruit stand, the grocery or the mega market), which ingredients to use (the CRISCO issue was a big one), and interacting with customers at the farmer’s market has given me a chance to concretize my ideas …

Spreading the Cosmic Stuff · 19 May 06

Thoughts that I might, along with Jed, have gone crazy entered my mind periodically. They were quickly brushed away by a firm belief that modern chemical agriculture is destroying the planet and there has to be a better way.

Get The Real Dirt on Farmer John · 7 May 06

Slow Food in the Tetons presents a special screening of this blockbuster documentary. Not from the Tetons- find a theatre near you.

The Meatrix and Meatrix 2 · 18 April 06

Factory farming meets the Matrix in these funny but scary short animated movies staring a cow, a pig and a chicken.

Will Walmart Become the World's Largest Supplier of Organic? · 25 March 06

A burning controversy has ensued over an announcement that Walmart will double their organic offerings.

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