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Category: Slowing Down

Best Pie in the Tetons Contest at Tin Cup · 6 July 11

Best Pie in the Tetons! Enter your best home-baked pie at the Slow Food booth at the Tin Cup Challenge on July 16

Perfecting the Cheese Plate · 2 May 11

The title “cheesemonger” generally doesn’t bring to mind a young woman who looks like she just stepped off campus, but that’s what you’ll find when you chat with Meggan Kaiser at Pearl Street Meat and Fish in Jackson. Despite her youth, Meggan’s world of expertise, complemented by her clarity and passion, makes her the “go-to girl” to simplify the overwhelming world of cheese.
A transplant from Georgia, she credits her love of good food to her Italian roots and a family of chefs who freak out over a good pasta sauce. That quest for perfection (and interest in variety) is evident in Meggan’s advice to put together a stellar cheese plate.

Fresh Carrot Soup · 29 August 10

I loosened the soil with the pitchfork, the babies pulled them up and put in the bucket, and Mariela and Will helped wash. All the kids LOVED it. The pecans add some protein.

3rd Annual Tin Cup Challenge! · 4 July 10

Please show your support of Slow Food in the Tetons and Full Circle Education by making a donation on our behalf. Donations are matched by Tin Cup Community Challengers to make your donation even more valuable!

Italian Riviera, Tuscany, Torino Multi-sport Adventures (Food Being a Main Event) · 21 April 10

7 pitch limestone cliffs overhanging the Italian Riviera? Biking through hilly vineyards? Ancient cheese makers? Squashing grapes? Via Ferratas along the Ligurian Alps? Cooking School? We’re gonna do it all…

“Find the ease in the intensity,” · 28 February 10

It’s those little moments of exercise, a nice meal, a good book before bed, a snuggle with your baby that are like a rest point on a hard climb where your calves can stop screaming and the blood can run back into your fingers.

The "Best Dinner Ever" · 2 February 10

The “Best Dinner Ever” from the mouth of my 7 year old. Could the fact that she prepared the bulk of it herself have anything to do with it? Recipes for Sausage and Lentil Winter Soup, Cornbread, and Mariela’s Chocolate-Coconut Bars

Married With Issues... Sustainable Marriage · 28 January 10

Awesome article- good laughs. Dan is friend of Christian’s. If it aint broke, don’t fix it…

Computer-Free Sundays · 16 January 10

This resolution is giving me more trouble than
1. getting rid of the microwave
2. re-insulating the house
3. quitting white sugar

Can it possibly be that hard?

Jan 13... The Day of the Dead · 12 January 10

So how does this relate to sustainability? It’s was an attempt to throw all our work worries aside for a day and enjoy each other in the mountains. Sustain our marriage… sustain our lives.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes- Jan 7 · 6 January 10

When choosing your ingredients keep in mind the #1 rule of food preparation- salt and fat make things taste better but unfortunately it’s in direct proportion to the amount of calories and sodium added to your food.

Sustainable 360 · 31 December 09

Ok- this is my New Year’s Resolution. 365 days of sustainable action- one thing at a time. But I like 360 for the idea of a full circle and a full turn around one day at a time. And I get a couple of days off.

Finding Hope in a Slow Economy · 6 June 08

I think slowing down is the best part of the new economy. If people can’t drive somewhere, or buy a house that they can’t afford, perhaps they’ll find something better to do with their time.

A Full Plate · 6 May 08

After six months in South America living day to day, our arrival was marred by the anxiety of being home, making lists, setting goals, making money, and what the hell were we going to do now? Did we change? Are we the same? What did we learn? Will life go back to “normal?” What is normal? Do we want normal?

The Paradox of Peace · 17 March 08

The basis of modern society is the pursuit of a faster, better way to do everything. The premise is simple; if we can find faster ways to do things, we can do more things. Now, I will never argue that water spritzers, or a self-timing underground irrigation system for that matter, are not brilliant inventions. But somehow in the process we have exceeded the speed limit.

Llegamos in Chile · 25 November 07

The weather, the ranch, my husband, Christian’s extended family, and the hard work oscillate between chaos and calm. We have come to Southern Patagonia to Estancia Rio Verde to slow down, simplify, to learn, to eat, and to understand our roots.

Slow Resolutions · 29 December 06

Here are some entertaining, inspirational January reads to help you determine what really is important in your life. They all jest at what’s gone crazy in the modern world while making practical recommendations for how to live life to it’s fullest without returning to the dark ages.

Walking the Talk · 2 July 06

It’s with twenty years of experience multitasking and dealing with the ups and downs of the aforementioned JDD (job deficit disorder) that I embark on a mission to see if a making a living in a sustainable food society is really possible.

Spreading the Cosmic Stuff · 19 May 06

Thoughts that I might, along with Jed, have gone crazy entered my mind periodically. They were quickly brushed away by a firm belief that modern chemical agriculture is destroying the planet and there has to be a better way.

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