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Category: School Wellness

“Give More If You Can; Less If You Can’t” Membership Drive · 1 September 09

During the month of September only, your donation of any amount will make you a member of Slow Food USA.

Take a Stand for Kid's Health · 1 September 09

The Eat-Ins, taking place in all 50 states, make up a National Day of Action on Labor Day, Sept. 7, to publicly kick-off the Time for Lunch campaign. Thousands of people will share food in a public demonstration to show support for the need to invest in children’s health, protect children against food that puts them at risk and teach children healthy habits that will last through life.

Time For Lunch Eat In Locations and Times Announced · 18 July 09

... a note on the words “REAL FOOD.” Unfortunately I think the term “real” is a value judgement and a bit of an insult to the lunch ladies who work hard here in the Tetons to feed our kids. It’s not that the food they serve isn’t “real,” it’s just that it could be a whole lot more nutritious, fresh, locally sourced, and made with sans trans fat, sugar, salt, pre-processed, etc.


Check out our summer newsletter to find out about our BEST PIE IN THE TETONS CONTEST, On the Farm Dinner Series, The Family Cow and More, Time For Lunch Campaign, The Tin Cup Challenge and more…

Time For Lunch Campaign- We need your HELP! · 11 June 09

We have an opportunity to make a difference! We are going to convince our legislators to bring real food into our national school lunch program. Whether you’re a mom, student, activist, farmer, grandparent or Slow Food member, you can help make our collective voices heard.

What exactly IS Slow Food? · 28 August 07

If I could, I would give everyone a snapshot of last week’s Harvest Garden Party. It was a joyful, cooperative, delicious, celebration of food grown and served by children attending summer camp at the Teton Valley Community School. It was what the Slow Food movement is all about.

Cultivating Kids: Harvest Garden Party · 5 August 07

I knew my 5-year old daughter “got it” when we were driving down the road in Teton Valley this spring and she shouted out the window a greeting to the fresh soil, when she had a tantrum about not being able to eat purple carrots in December, and when she recently helped me identify which weeds I needed to pull in our strawberry patch.

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