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Confessions of a Gluttonous Entrepreneur · 17 May 13

There is nothing more inspiring to me than knowing Ty Mack climbs 5-13, seeing him fly down Teton Canyon on skate skis, and going out with him to retrieve an elk. But central to has been a paradigm change where making it in life means more than making the most money or having the most stuff. .

Seven Days to Think About the American Way · 11 September 11

10 years ago today I was stuck in Johannasburg, South Africa after the World Trade Towers collapse for seven days after the World Whitewater Championships on the Zambezi River. Here’s what I thought then- and now.

In Search of Slow: Slide Show this Thursday, Feb. 24 · 21 February 11

Like the Slow Food movement, Slow Travel offers an antidote to today’s fast paced commercial culture. Join Slow Food in the Tetons founder,
Sue Muncaster, and Exum Mountain Guide’s chief guide, Christian Santelices, as they share their recent quest (with kids in tow) for good food, rock climbing, culture, diversity, and life’s simple pleasures while traveling in Italy and France.

NEW Slow Food Site is up! · 22 January 11

Thanks to Jen Werlin for getting our new site up a and running. Look for events, sustainability workshops, grant opportunities, and, of course, a DONATE NOW button!

Sweet Memories: A Collection of Family Favorites from the Kitchens of the Hooper Ladies · 5 January 11

This book is a collection of favorite recipes culled from a large stack of faded, spilled on, scribbled on spiral notebooks kept by my grandmother, Eleanor Drew Hooper, and my mom, Ann Hooper Muncaster. Both have passed away now— Grammy so long ago I can barely remember her warm embrace; my mom so recently I can still think it might be her when the phone rings.

Brown Sugar English Toffee · 23 November 10

I’m now in the possession of a large stack of faded, spilled on, scribbled on, spiral books from my grandmother, Eleanor Drew Hooper, and my mom, Ann Hooper Muncaster. Both have passed away, Grammy so long ago I can barely remember her warm embrace, but my mom so recently I can still hear her voice on the phone. Sure, I have photos and memorabilia…

Good, Clean, and Fair: The Powerful Voice of the Weak · 24 October 10

Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food
“We are the fastest growing peaceful army in the world. The politicians don’t understand yet.”

Updates from the Ligurian Coast · 19 October 10

By Mariela
Instead of throwing candy like you do in most parades, they threw grapes. Green grapes and red grapes that they harvested from their backyards because everyone has at least one grapevine in their backyard. It’s really cool here, I really, really, really like it here.

EUROPE! · 17 September 10

By Mariela Santelices
The picture is of me and Nico (my brother). We are smiling at the table of a “pizzaria” which is an Italian pizza place. I had a delicious calzone. A calzone is a type of pizza that is pretty much a pizza wrapped up into a circle-type thing.

Cheese Curds, Italy, Glen Beck, and Widespread Panic. · 13 July 10

The theme is “expressed by two words, food and places, put into relation by two commonly used signs, + and =. What does this mean? It means that there could be no food without the places it comes from, food that is expression of the land, of the climate, and of human capabilities; that it is through food that each place expresses its distinctive, recognizable characteristics. Food as an edible and concrete part of our identity, as the element that shapes the landscape, as an expression of culture. Places here mean the territory that belongs to the people who were born there or live there now, that take care of their space and know it well.

“Find the ease in the intensity,” · 1 March 10

It’s those little moments of exercise, a nice meal, a good book before bed, a snuggle with your baby that are like a rest point on a hard climb where your calves can stop screaming and the blood can run back into your fingers.

Lights Off Radio Interview with Sue Muncaster · 1 February 10

Muncaster discusses Ecogastronomy, the Slow Food, and Community and Family.

Married With Issues... Sustainable Marriage · 29 January 10

Awesome article- good laughs. Dan is friend of Christian’s. If it aint broke, don’t fix it…

Computer-Free Sundays · 17 January 10

This resolution is giving me more trouble than
1. getting rid of the microwave
2. re-insulating the house
3. quitting white sugar

Can it possibly be that hard?

Jan 13... The Day of the Dead · 13 January 10

So how does this relate to sustainability? It’s was an attempt to throw all our work worries aside for a day and enjoy each other in the mountains. Sustain our marriage… sustain our lives.

Sustainable 360 · 1 January 10

Ok- this is my New Year’s Resolution. 365 days of sustainable action- one thing at a time. But I like 360 for the idea of a full circle and a full turn around one day at a time. And I get a couple of days off.

Muncaster and Daughter Featured in JHNews · 8 May 09

Breaking News: 6-year Old Chooses Farming Over Professional Soccer · 4 November 08

I think someday we’ll look back on these troubled times as the catalyst for one of the greatest movements in human history. A new president, a global economic crisis that will halt our insatiable consumption, an urgent regard for the environment, and best of all, a renewed passion for good, clean, fair food.

Fall 2008 Slow Food in the Tetons Newsletter · 23 October 08

The past few weeks have “shocked and awed” us as far as the global reach of the financial meltdown. I encourage you to consider how quickly and equally out of control a global food crisis could hit the planet due to the modern industrialized food system. Only by becoming more locally self-sufficient will we be prepared for what many experts believe is inevitable.

Finding Hope in a Slow Economy · 7 June 08

I think slowing down is the best part of the new economy. If people can’t drive somewhere, or buy a house that they can’t afford, perhaps they’ll find something better to do with their time.

Slow Resolutions · 30 December 06

Here are some entertaining, inspirational January reads to help you determine what really is important in your life. They all jest at what’s gone crazy in the modern world while making practical recommendations for how to live life to it’s fullest without returning to the dark ages.

Who, me? · 20 September 06

I had always been a follower. I was honored to realize I was now considered one of the leaders.

Walk the Talk- Part 2 · 31 July 06

... fully immersed in food and sustainability. Deciding which recipes to bake, which fruits to buy (and from who- the fruit stand, the grocery or the mega market), which ingredients to use (the CRISCO issue was a big one), and interacting with customers at the farmer’s market has given me a chance to concretize my ideas …

Walking the Talk · 3 July 06

It’s with twenty years of experience multitasking and dealing with the ups and downs of the aforementioned JDD (job deficit disorder) that I embark on a mission to see if a making a living in a sustainable food society is really possible.

Change is in the Air · 9 March 06

...everyone wants to contribute the global good- but because the problems at hand seem either too distant or too colossal we are paralyzed from acting by a feeling of futility and ineffectiveness. The mission of the Ecogastronomy Initiative is to convince you otherwise.

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