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You'll Want to Brake for This! · 28 February 14

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read, “Where’s the best burger in Jackson Hole? The Brakeman American Grill in Victor, Idaho.” After sinking my chops into this beauty, I have to agree.

The Big Leap: Running for County Commissioner · 10 March 12

My platform? I believe that preservation of our heritage, quality of life, and natural resources is the key to cultivating prosperity in Teton Valley.

Friends of Fungus guest blog from Tye Tilt- Mountain Valley Mushrooms · 4 October 11

When you open the door to the grow room you are greeted with the message “There’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.” Scotty and I have a solid desire to rebuild and a fluid plan to do it. This time around we are committed to designing and conducting a business that will increase production, reduce unit costs, and hopefully find that elusive sweet spot where food is local and fresh but with enough volume enough to make the venture economically viable and sustainable.

Food Rave: The 5th Annual Locavore’s Night Out: · 2 May 11

If we stopped today, I’d say our vision of a diverse and vibrant food community has become a reality. But we are just getting started…

Teton Food Project 4/15 Update · 15 April 11

I went to a good meeting with a new group called the Teton Valley Business Development Center and made some awesome contacts with folks there and the idea of Community Food Enterprises was very well received—in fact made the top of the list 8-fold for best idea for new businesses.

10 Fun Family Ideas for Earth Day · 12 April 11

While Earth Day is about serious matters, why not use it as an opportunity to enjoy your family and focus on fun activities too.

NEW Slow Food Site is up! · 22 January 11

Thanks to Jen Werlin for getting our new site up a and running. Look for events, sustainability workshops, grant opportunities, and, of course, a DONATE NOW button!

August Slow Food in the Tetons Newsletter · 18 August 10

Join Slow Food in the Tetons for a Taste Tour through Teton Valley on August 26. Read more for other fun upcoming events and important news on Vertical Harvest, the People’s Market and School Garden Programs

Guide to Wyoming and Idaho Meat Producers · 10 August 10

Here’s your guide to Wyoming and Idaho meat producers who follow holistic management practices.

In Search of Slow Food By Katie Powers, SF Intern · 13 April 10

Selfish as it may seem at a glance, the first step toward eating with the future of the planet in mind may be to indulge. To take care of our bodies, our souls, and the earth, let us eat slowly.

Save the Date: A Locavores Night Out April 20 · 5 April 10

Locavores Night Out: A Celebration of Local Food!

When: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 5-9 pm
Where: Wildwood Room, Victor, Idaho (1/2 mile north of Victor, follow the signs)

Offical Launch of Sustainable 360 and Book Proposal · 2 February 10

My vision for Sustainable 360 is a “user-generated” collaboration between all my friends, family, playmates and workmates a from around the world who share their tips for making their lives more sustainable- environmentally, economically, physically, and spiritually. Join us today.

Cheesy Grits with Eggs- Poppy's Specialty · 16 January 10

Cheap and easy, warm and satisfying, and a little protein to get us all through the morning.

Ethicurian · 4 January 10

On the lines of Ecogastronomy here’s a new word for you:
eth•i•cu•re•an: noun : also adj
Someone who seeks out tasty things that are also sustainable, organic, local, and/or ethical — SOLE food, for short.

“Give More If You Can; Less If You Can’t” Membership Drive · 1 September 09

During the month of September only, your donation of any amount will make you a member of Slow Food USA.

Take a Stand for Kid's Health · 1 September 09

The Eat-Ins, taking place in all 50 states, make up a National Day of Action on Labor Day, Sept. 7, to publicly kick-off the Time for Lunch campaign. Thousands of people will share food in a public demonstration to show support for the need to invest in children’s health, protect children against food that puts them at risk and teach children healthy habits that will last through life.

Time For Lunch Campaign- We need your HELP! · 11 June 09

We have an opportunity to make a difference! We are going to convince our legislators to bring real food into our national school lunch program. Whether you’re a mom, student, activist, farmer, grandparent or Slow Food member, you can help make our collective voices heard.

Third Annual Locavore's Night Out- Tuesday, April 21, 5-9 pm Wildwood Room · 15 April 09

This “celebration of local food” introduces local producers to consumers by providing a forum for sampling food and beverages and exchanging information.

Marketing Opportunities for Local Producers · 30 March 09

Although the economy has been in dire straits, all indications are that people are, more than ever, into spending their money on local products and are not skimping on quality.

Slow Food/Full Circle Education Sustainability Series Classes · 21 January 09

Beer Brewing, Soap Making, Soy Products from Scratch and Body Lotions…Please find below information on upcoming classes. All of them have limited space. Please email the instructor to reserve your space.

Teton Family: Promoting a Healthy and Sustainable Community · 15 January 09

What? Start a new magazine in this economy? Are we nuts?

We hope not. We believe that promoting healthy and sustainable local living is the only hope for weathering the economic, environmental, and social storms facing our nation. Where do we go when the going gets tough? We return to family, to our community, and we reconnect with nature.

Please Sign Petition for Food Democracy Now! · 10 December 08

As Michael Pollan has indicated, our next President will also be our Farmer In Chief. President-Elect Obama got his start as a community organizer and understands that true change begins with individuals. We believe that his choice for the next Secretary of Agriculture, alongside his or her staff should reflect this understanding through their life’s work.

Breaking News: 6-year Old Chooses Farming Over Professional Soccer · 4 November 08

I think someday we’ll look back on these troubled times as the catalyst for one of the greatest movements in human history. A new president, a global economic crisis that will halt our insatiable consumption, an urgent regard for the environment, and best of all, a renewed passion for good, clean, fair food.

Battling the Muffin Mafia, Part 2 · 21 July 08

With everything that is happening in our crazy world and economy, some day government organizations involved with food production and trade will have a complete paradigm change in attitude and instead of “regulating” will “promote” local food production.

Battling the Muffin Mafia · 21 July 08

We’re all terrified of spinach and, what was it this week? Tomatoes? The reality is that it is the INDUSTRIALIZED AGRICULTURE, DISTRIBUTION, AND PROCESSED FOOD SYSTEM in this country that is making us sick, not the neighbor’s brownies.

Purple Carrots · 1 May 07

No one is advocating a return to the dark ages. But reviving our local food economy has the potential to unite our divided community, save our agrarian heritage, help slow global warming, and preserve the beautiful scenery we treasure.

A Locavore's Night Out- April 24 · 1 April 07

I have a dream that the Local Food Movement and the quest for good, clean, fair, food can help untie our diverse community. Reviving our local food economies has the potential to guarantee an accessible and affordable supply of healthy, fresh food from regional sources, preserve our agrarian heritage, strengthen our local economy and save our environment.

photos: Paulette Phlipot

Fishy Business · 6 March 07

Can you really have your fish and eat it too? educated consumer can make informed choices by weighing the human health benefits and risks and considering what is best for our oceans.

Guest Blog: A Third Side to the Story · 27 January 07

When it comes to the local food discussion George borders on being an *&^hole through his distortions and oversimplifications. Why do we want local food? So we have a working landscape that can provide nourishment for our communities (not condos for rich people to vacation in).

Two Sides of the Story · 14 January 07

“Food is central to the debate on the environment, development, trade and globalization- but the potential for food choices to change the world should not be overestimated. The idea of saving the world by shopping is appealing, but tackling climate change, boosting development and reforming the global trade system will require difficult political choices.”

Holiday Ecogastronomy Tips · 3 December 06

As the holidays roll around it’s easy to worry about how much we eat and spend but don’t let this take away from the joy of slowing down and enjoying the bounty of the season with friends and family.

Good Food for Real People · 23 August 06

Is it possible to follow a philosophy that if it doesn’t taste good, if it isn’t healthy, if it isn’t affordable, if it isn’t worth sharing, we don’t buy it? Can people trust us?

Get The Real Dirt on Farmer John · 8 May 06

Slow Food in the Tetons presents a special screening of this blockbuster documentary. Not from the Tetons- find a theatre near you.

The Future Looks Bright · 25 April 06

Everyone is touching on the idea is that what’s at stake is not just our own health and the health of our children, but the health of our relationships, the environment, and our communities.

Autistic Lessons · 18 April 06

If I were to vote someone least likely to follow the organic trends, it would be my brother, Brian. Althought he was forced by necessity to change his way of life, today he can’t imagine doing anything different.

Will Walmart Become the World's Largest Supplier of Organic? · 26 March 06

A burning controversy has ensued over an announcement that Walmart will double their organic offerings.

Change is in the Air · 9 March 06

...everyone wants to contribute the global good- but because the problems at hand seem either too distant or too colossal we are paralyzed from acting by a feeling of futility and ineffectiveness. The mission of the Ecogastronomy Initiative is to convince you otherwise.

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