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The Elusive Hunt · 1771 days ago

“It’s about good, clean, fair food; not necessarily organic, but good for your body, good for people who grow it, and involves lots of protection of farmers around the world and small-scale food production,” she said. Muncaster became interested in the slow foods movement eight years ago while researching ideas for a cookbook based on local and sustainable foods. While Muncaster said that Teton Valley has a great local food scene, the price of local beef and pork is often more than her family can afford. With sustainability and the health of her family in mind, she looked to the forests and foothills of the Tetons as a way to fill the freezer, and also as a way to participate in an age-old tradition.

Slow Food in the Teton Executive Director Search · 1870 days ago

We are seeking a part-time Executive Director (estimated 10 hours per week to start with room for growth).

Best Pie in the Tetons Contest at Tin Cup · 1932 days ago

Best Pie in the Tetons! Enter your best home-baked pie at the Slow Food booth at the Tin Cup Challenge on July 16

Slow Food Outreach Center, Sustainability Library and Kitchen Exchange Open! · 28 June 11

The Slow Food board is a diverse group who can consult on many aspects of local food production, distribution, composting, and restaurant management. “My dream is that someone comes in the door with a dream who needs help, and we can give them some resources and advice to get their project off the ground,” says Muncaster.

A full, searchable list of resources available at the Outreach Center can be found at where the collection can be viewed or searched by tags, complete with ratings. Donations or loans to the library and kitchen exchange are welcome as long as they fit our categories.

Guide to Wyoming and Idaho Meat Producers · 10 August 10

Here’s your guide to Wyoming and Idaho meat producers who follow holistic management practices.

“Give More If You Can; Less If You Can’t” Membership Drive · 1 September 09

During the month of September only, your donation of any amount will make you a member of Slow Food USA.

Results of the Best Pie in the Tetons · 21 July 09

Best Overall: Ann Callison- Blueberry-Lemon Shortbread Pie
Best made with local Ingredients: Mary Mullaney- Huckleberry Rhubarb Pie
Best Savory Pie: Tye Tilt- 4 Mushroom Pie
Most Artistic: Deirdre O’Connell- Rose Petal Pie
Best Heritage: Sara Willers- Strawberrry Rhubarb Pie with lattice crust


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Time For Lunch Campaign- We need your HELP! · 11 June 09

We have an opportunity to make a difference! We are going to convince our legislators to bring real food into our national school lunch program. Whether you’re a mom, student, activist, farmer, grandparent or Slow Food member, you can help make our collective voices heard.

Teton Family: Promoting a Healthy and Sustainable Community · 15 January 09

What? Start a new magazine in this economy? Are we nuts?

We hope not. We believe that promoting healthy and sustainable local living is the only hope for weathering the economic, environmental, and social storms facing our nation. Where do we go when the going gets tough? We return to family, to our community, and we reconnect with nature.

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