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SUEMUNCASTER.COM now up and running · 1596 days ago

My new website,, is up and running. This site supports my campaign for Teton County Commissioner. Until the election in November, the bulk of my work will go into that site. Please visit it, or enjoy this one.

Friends of Fungus guest blog from Tye Tilt- Mountain Valley Mushrooms · 4 October 11

When you open the door to the grow room you are greeted with the message “There’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.” Scotty and I have a solid desire to rebuild and a fluid plan to do it. This time around we are committed to designing and conducting a business that will increase production, reduce unit costs, and hopefully find that elusive sweet spot where food is local and fresh but with enough volume enough to make the venture economically viable and sustainable.

August Slow Food in the Tetons Newsletter · 18 August 10

Join Slow Food in the Tetons for a Taste Tour through Teton Valley on August 26. Read more for other fun upcoming events and important news on Vertical Harvest, the People’s Market and School Garden Programs

Muncaster Featured in Slow Food Article · 8 November 08

The best response to an increasingly dire financial crisis is to take a deep breath and return to our communities, says the founder of Slow Food in the Tetons. Rather than gloom and doom, the changing season should inspire people to become more locally self-sufficient, Sue Muncaster says.

“I really think that the whole thing with the economy is evidence that we’ve lived out of control for too long,” said the Idaho-based organizer, writer and mother. “I think about how fast and fierce the ‘global financial crisis’ hit us. Imagine how fast and furious the inevitable global food crisis is going to hit us. It’s time to take action and just say no to fast food, processed food and big corporations.”

Breaking News: 6-year Old Chooses Farming Over Professional Soccer · 4 November 08

I think someday we’ll look back on these troubled times as the catalyst for one of the greatest movements in human history. A new president, a global economic crisis that will halt our insatiable consumption, an urgent regard for the environment, and best of all, a renewed passion for good, clean, fair food.

Battling the Muffin Mafia · 21 July 08

We’re all terrified of spinach and, what was it this week? Tomatoes? The reality is that it is the INDUSTRIALIZED AGRICULTURE, DISTRIBUTION, AND PROCESSED FOOD SYSTEM in this country that is making us sick, not the neighbor’s brownies.

Finding Hope in a Slow Economy · 7 June 08

I think slowing down is the best part of the new economy. If people can’t drive somewhere, or buy a house that they can’t afford, perhaps they’ll find something better to do with their time.

What exactly IS Slow Food? · 28 August 07

If I could, I would give everyone a snapshot of last week’s Harvest Garden Party. It was a joyful, cooperative, delicious, celebration of food grown and served by children attending summer camp at the Teton Valley Community School. It was what the Slow Food movement is all about.

So What’s the Dilemma? · 17 June 06

The Italians love food enough they never got themselves in the mess we have. But surely we are creative enough to get ourselves out of it?