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Conscientious?! · 1630 days ago

An email inquiry from a local high school student asked me:

What is the importance/benefit of eating locally grown foods?
Do you think people here are conscious about imported foods and eating locally?
If so how did they become conscious? If not what can be done to inform them about the benefits?

Thank goodness he’s asking!

so… here goes…

Friends of Fungus guest blog from Tye Tilt- Mountain Valley Mushrooms · 4 October 11

When you open the door to the grow room you are greeted with the message “There’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.” Scotty and I have a solid desire to rebuild and a fluid plan to do it. This time around we are committed to designing and conducting a business that will increase production, reduce unit costs, and hopefully find that elusive sweet spot where food is local and fresh but with enough volume enough to make the venture economically viable and sustainable.

August Grisby's All Organic Local Rhubarb Pie · 1 August 09

Entered in the 2009 Best Pie in the Tetons Contest this pie was a big hit with a lovely lattice crust and tart rhubarb.

The Paradox of Peace · 18 March 08

The basis of modern society is the pursuit of a faster, better way to do everything. The premise is simple; if we can find faster ways to do things, we can do more things. Now, I will never argue that water spritzers, or a self-timing underground irrigation system for that matter, are not brilliant inventions. But somehow in the process we have exceeded the speed limit.

Guest Blog: A Third Side to the Story · 27 January 07

When it comes to the local food discussion George borders on being an *&^hole through his distortions and oversimplifications. Why do we want local food? So we have a working landscape that can provide nourishment for our communities (not condos for rich people to vacation in).

Two Sides of the Story · 14 January 07

“Food is central to the debate on the environment, development, trade and globalization- but the potential for food choices to change the world should not be overestimated. The idea of saving the world by shopping is appealing, but tackling climate change, boosting development and reforming the global trade system will require difficult political choices.”

Spreading the Cosmic Stuff · 20 May 06

Thoughts that I might, along with Jed, have gone crazy entered my mind periodically. They were quickly brushed away by a firm belief that modern chemical agriculture is destroying the planet and there has to be a better way.

Autistic Lessons · 18 April 06

If I were to vote someone least likely to follow the organic trends, it would be my brother, Brian. Althought he was forced by necessity to change his way of life, today he can’t imagine doing anything different.

Will Walmart Become the World's Largest Supplier of Organic? · 26 March 06

A burning controversy has ensued over an announcement that Walmart will double their organic offerings.

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