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Seven Days to Think About the American Way · 11 September 11

10 years ago today I was stuck in Johannasburg, South Africa after the World Trade Towers collapse for seven days after the World Whitewater Championships on the Zambezi River. Here’s what I thought then- and now.

Slow Food in the Teton Executive Director Search · 7 September 11

We are seeking a part-time Executive Director (estimated 10 hours per week to start with room for growth).

Adventures at the Table · 14 August 11

I was interviewed recently for this fun article by local Deb Debaracato. It’s true… Nico will barely leave the kitchen. Had to bribe him last night with Bob the Builder because he insisted he needed to make pesto.

Best Pie in the Tetons Contest at Tin Cup · 7 July 11

Best Pie in the Tetons! Enter your best home-baked pie at the Slow Food booth at the Tin Cup Challenge on July 16

Slow Food Outreach Center, Sustainability Library and Kitchen Exchange Open! · 28 June 11

The Slow Food board is a diverse group who can consult on many aspects of local food production, distribution, composting, and restaurant management. “My dream is that someone comes in the door with a dream who needs help, and we can give them some resources and advice to get their project off the ground,” says Muncaster.

A full, searchable list of resources available at the Outreach Center can be found at where the collection can be viewed or searched by tags, complete with ratings. Donations or loans to the library and kitchen exchange are welcome as long as they fit our categories.

Slow Food Revs Up · 13 May 11

Muncaster said there’s little doubt that investing in our local food system is going to mean more monetary commitment from consumers, be they restaurants, schools or families. And while only those of us drawing on trust funds can afford to buy everything local, she hopes we’ll put our dollars where our mouths and our homes are.

Local food prices could come down marginally if the region sees an increase in local farms, much as is happening on the national scene, where the number of small organic farms is growing for the first time since the 1950s. Nevertheless, a steak cut from the loin of a local, grass-fed cow who has lived her life on Mead Ranch will never cost as little as one from a heifer finished at a filthy, crowded Illinois feedlot. But it will taste better.

Perfecting the Cheese Plate · 3 May 11

The title “cheesemonger” generally doesn’t bring to mind a young woman who looks like she just stepped off campus, but that’s what you’ll find when you chat with Meggan Kaiser at Pearl Street Meat and Fish in Jackson. Despite her youth, Meggan’s world of expertise, complemented by her clarity and passion, makes her the “go-to girl” to simplify the overwhelming world of cheese.
A transplant from Georgia, she credits her love of good food to her Italian roots and a family of chefs who freak out over a good pasta sauce. That quest for perfection (and interest in variety) is evident in Meggan’s advice to put together a stellar cheese plate.

Food Rave: The 5th Annual Locavore’s Night Out: · 2 May 11

If we stopped today, I’d say our vision of a diverse and vibrant food community has become a reality. But we are just getting started…

Teton Food Project 4/15 Update · 15 April 11

I went to a good meeting with a new group called the Teton Valley Business Development Center and made some awesome contacts with folks there and the idea of Community Food Enterprises was very well received—in fact made the top of the list 8-fold for best idea for new businesses.

10 Fun Family Ideas for Earth Day · 12 April 11

While Earth Day is about serious matters, why not use it as an opportunity to enjoy your family and focus on fun activities too.

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